True Cost Price Plan

Partner with your trusted energy supplier to increase control of your electricity supply.

AEP Energy’s True Cost Price Plan tailors supply prices according to the firm cost and capacity cost components of your bill. It takes in account your business’ electricity usage profile.

What type of business is this plan for?

Businesses best suited for this plan tend to have a high load factor and the ability to reduce their load during the summer months when the cost of power is at its highest demand. Since benefits from reducing at peak times aren’t seen until the following year, businesses comfortable with longer term options are a better fit. It is not the best price plan for seasonal businesses that only run during the summer and businesses with shorter term lengths.


  • Eliminates risk premiums built into Firm Price Plans
  • Alerts you to reduce your usage during peak times, giving you the ability to reduce your overall cost the following year
  • Increased control over your energy supply
  • Flexible term lengths
  • Peace of mind

What does AEP Energy’s True Cost Price Plan include?

Generation charges typically make up 50 to 60% of your total electricity bill. Generation charges can be broken down into five main components: energy supply, capacity, ancillary services, losses and RPS.

Already on a capacity price plan or receiving two bills with multiple charges? Calculate your true rate: 

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