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Firm Price Plan - Electricity

The Firm Price Plan for electricity stabilizes your electricity supply at one simple price per kWh. This plan is ideal for businesses who use electricity as one of their primary sources of energy. You'll receive a firm electricity supply price, flexible term lengths, budget stability, and peace of mind.

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Renewable Product Plan

Our Renewable Product Plan is ideal for environmentally conscious businesses looking to invest in the future of renewable energy. This plan matches 100% of your business' usage with national Green-e® Energy Certified Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

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True Cost Price Plan

The True Cost Price Plan tailors electricity supply prices according to the firm cost and capacity cost components of your business' bill. This plan is best suited for businesses that tend to have a high load factor and the ability to reduce their load during the summer months when the cost of power is at its highest demand.

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Firm Price Plan - Natural Gas

This plan fixes your natural gas supply at one simple price per Ccf or Mcf (depending on your local utility). Your business may gain a monetary advantage regarding natural gas costs while enrolled in this plan, especially during the winter months.

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10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

Selecting an energy supplier to protect your business from variable rates is smart, but it’s only the beginning! We recommend business owners strive for energy efficiency beyond enrollment. Read our blog for ten tips to help you reach your energy efficiency goals.

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Our Energy Consultants are here to help!

When you select the AEP Energy plan that’s right for your business, it’s important to know that nothing changes. You will continue to receive one bill from your local utility with your price plan appearing as a separate line item on the bill. Your local utility will continue to read your meter, deliver the energy to your business, and provide maintenance and emergency services. Want to learn more? Complete the request a quote form or call us at 1-877-648-1936.

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