Electricity and Natural Gas

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You have the freedom to choose the home energy supply plan that’s right for you! We offer electricity supply in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New Jersey, and our natural gas supply is offered in Ohio.


We offer a variety of electricity plans for your home’s energy supply. Traditional electricity supply and renewable energy plans are provided at a fixed rate. A fixed rate means you know what price to expect per kilowatt-hour during the length of your contract. Once your contract ends you will be given the opportunity to enroll in a new, fixed plan. We will always contact you before your contract expires so you can make the best decision for your home.

Natural Gas

If you live in the state of Ohio you can enroll in electricity and natural gas supply with AEP Energy. Our natural gas supply plans are priced at a fixed rate, just like our electricity supply price plans.

See what price plans are available and get peace of mind knowing you’re selecting a stable price plan!

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Why AEP Energy?

By choosing AEP Energy as your energy supply provider, you’ll do so knowing you’re working with a company of integrity and legacy, making AEP Energy a company with boundless energy options. AEP Energy prides itself on being a trusted energy advisor for your home. Simply put, our core focus is selling electricity and natural gas supply at market based prices rather that rates offered by the utility. When you enroll in a fixed price offer you won’t have to worry about price fluctuations. You’ll discover the peace of mind that comes with price certainty.

When your contract ends you have the ability to select a new price and term that works for you and your home. Nothing changes except your supply provider! You’ll receive the same service and bill from your current utility. Our charges will appear on the bill from your local utility which means you won’t have to make payments to more than one company.