Columbus Regional Airport Authority Friends and Family Program

We’ve partnered with AEP Energy to protect our electricity bills and so can you!

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority is proud to present our associates with the opportunity to enroll your home’s energy supply in AEP Energy’s Friend & Family Plan.

When you enroll in this plan, you will protect your electricity bill from fluctuating rates and receive a special price plan that is even lower than the already competitive AEP Energy standard price plan. You will have a secure price that won’t change, plus you will continue to receive:

  • One bill from your local utility with AEP Energy’s charges listed as a line-item
  • Service delivery to your home, meter-readings, and maintenance from your local utility
  • No interruption of service or installation of additional equipment

This limited-time offer is available online only. Select your utility, grab your electric bill, and enroll now!