Capacity Management

We helped our customers save more than $13.5 million in capacity costs for 2018/2019 planning year. 

From June 2019 through May 2020, AEP Energy can enable customers’ savings in capacity costs, which depending on their load could be hundreds’ of thousands of dollars or more. You too, can take advantage of capacity cost savings with AEP Energy’s PeakAdvisorySM Service for Peak Load Contribution (PLC) Management. This complimentary program, available with any AEP Energy capacity pass-through product, can help you manage and reduce your PLC for the next planning year and decrease your overall capacity costs.

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  • Complimentary service with an AEP Energy capacity pass-through product
  • Potential reduction in next planning year’s capacity costs
  • Customized annual performance report showing your capacity savings
  • You control how often to participate in predicted energy load curtailment periods



  • Must be on a capacity pass-through capacity product with AEP Energy
  • Must have interval (hourly) meter(s)


How does it work?

Your PLC for a planning year (June 1 through May 31) is determined by your local utility based on your organization’s average demand during the five highest demand hours called Coincident Peak (CP) hours for the entire PJM system during the summer months. You can reduce your costs for the next planning year by curtailing your usage during these five CP hours.


AEP Energy makes it easy for you to reduce your usage during these hours with our PeakAdvisorySM Service. Our energy experts will forecast, predict and notify you when a peak-setting hour is approaching so that your organization will have the opportunity to activate its load curtailment strategies. A red PeakAdvisory is our highest level of confidence, followed by a yellow PeakAdvisory. AEP Energy’s notifications are sent a day before the event and the day of an event.

Find more details about AEP Energy’s PeakAdvisorySM Service for Peak Load Contribution (PLC) Management here.


Please be aware that AEP Energy makes no guarantee that such hour(s) will be PLC setting hour(s) or regarding the accuracy, timeliness, suitability, completeness, freedom from error, or value of any information herein. The information presented herein and in alert notifications is provided “as is”, “as available”, and for informational and illustrative purposes only. The analysis is based on forecasted information (including assumptions, estimations, and then-currently available information) and as such, is subject to risks, uncertainties, contingencies, fluctuating market conditions, and other factors (including factors beyond AEP Energy’s control) that may cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. No information herein should be construed as advice or a recommendation. For and in consideration of the gratuitous nature of this information and future alert notifications, access to which is being provided at no cost, you assume the entire risk related to your use of any information presented herein, and whether or how you utilize any such information is entirely your responsibility. AEP Energy disclaims any and all liabilities and warranties of whatever kind or nature related hereto, including any obligation to update or correct the information provided herein.

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