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What is the monthly price for my variable price plan?

June 29, 2018

The monthly variable prices are listed below and are updated monthly.

Variable Month-to-Month Price Plan*

Potomac Edison
Oct-186.39 ¢ / kWh7.54 ¢ / kWhN/A N/A
Sep-186.39 ¢ / kWh7.54 ¢ / kWhN/A N/A

*The month-to-month variable price per kWh is based upon the applicable RTO prevailing market and business conditions for electricity at the EDU load zone or equivalent market delivery point, plus an adder of up to $0.05 per kWh. Your price will include generation and transmission charges (if applicable for your service utility area), but will not include charges for EDU service (generally, delivery charges and other utility service fees) and taxes. Please note that historical pricing is not indicative of present or future pricing.

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