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What is AEP Energy’s license number?

January 05, 2018

Delaware (Order No. 7746 in Docket No. 10-54)
The District of Columbia (Order No. 13797 in Docket No. EA 05-4)
Illinois (Docket No. 04-0458 and as amended in Docket Nos. 04-0643, 05-0324, 07-0614 and 09-0147)
Maryland (License No. IR-757 in ML No. 97936 and as amended in ML No. 142757)
Michigan (Docket No. U-14764)
New Jersey (License No. ESL-0160 in Docket No. EE14090955L)
Ohio (Certificate No. 10-206E in Docket No. 10-384-EL-CRS)
Pennsylvania (Docket No. A-2009-2132755)


Illinois (Docket No. 14-0657)
Ohio (Certificate No. 12-254G in Docket No. 12-1491-GA-CRS)

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