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Holiday Lighting Safety and Efficiency

November 28, 2017

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year to decorate your house with holiday lights. This year we’re encouraging you to be safe and energy-efficient with all indoor and outdoor decorations. In order to be as energy efficient as possible, LED holiday lights are the best option. They’re also the most cost-effective way to light up your home. LED lights also have the longest functioning life, meaning they will last you for many holiday seasons to come!

Indoor Lighting Tips

– Refrain from putting lights close to curtains and furniture

– Turn off decorative lights prior to leaving your house and going to bed

– Ensure all smoke detectors work prior to hanging any holiday lighting

– Don’t run chords under rugs or near any area where they might be stepped on or tripped over

Outdoor Lighting Tips

– Certify that all extension cords are fit for outdoor displays

– Adjust outdoor decorations to display only during dry weather

– When hanging lights, be sure you maintain at least a 10-foot distance from any overhead power lines

– Make sure all electrical links are off the ground to prevent any water from leaking into them

– Do not run chords through any door or window

Keep these helpful decorating tips in mind for a safe and energy efficient holiday season.





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